we offer a variaty of themed training programs for strategy, positioning, sales, and marketing of meeting & event venues. The aim: making a succes out of the client, and her guest. all following themes can be presented either in the shape of a workshop, training, or a longer process. In other words: you will get a short inspiration session, a more extensive training, or even a longterm plan with several contact moments. 

‘only’ enthusiasm isn’t enough to become a success; First, the strategy sets the directions. we named this ‘the success from the heart’. corporate clients expect added value coming from meeting & event venues nowadays. they know exactly what they want, decide faster, and often based on online research (only). therefore, a highly energetic and well-thought strategy is of the biggest importance. We are ready to go the extra mile to realize your ambitions. with our eagle eyes wide open, keeping the desired target group and targets in sight, we offer complete strategies for both the national and international industry. strategies that make energy go through the roof.  

whatever we create; the corporate client and their guests are first priority. Only then, the medium will follow. because, how exactly do you build that website to make it fit your corporate client’s Needs? and what about optimizing the costumer journey, or the creation of flashy content that will get straight to the heart of your corporate client? Don’t you worry; we’ll make sure they get activated. that’s how we realize the most varied international projects, and create the most energetic campaigns. 

And this is how we do it

1. On location 

rest assured that we’ll pop in. not just because we are location lunatics, but also because we are curious about the specific vibe of the venue. 

let’s have Coffee!

2. What does the client want?

What are the corporate client’s and guest’s wishes, needs and expectations? with hardcore research we will get to the bottom of it. mark our words: we will go out of our way to figure it out.

3. Goals

what are the challenges and which goals are to be obtained? these questions form the base of our approach.

5. analysing

We have kpi’s for lunch. we go through all the data to create new insights to learn even more.

4. eyes open 

This is the ultimate moment to turn that corporate client’s world upside down. get ready to rumble. 

6. Optimize

Enthusiasm: check! but what can be done to become bigger, bolder, better, and faster too? 

Let's hang out.

Office Germany

MARC-CHAGAL- Strasse 12

40477 Düsseldorf

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Office The NEtherlands 

Anthony Fokkerweg 61

1059 CM Amsterdam

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